Forging Event Announcement – 7th ASIAFORGE MEETING 2019

Upcoming Forging Event Announcement – 7th ASIAFORGE MEETING 2019 in Chennai (INDIA) organized by AIFI

Indian Forging industry has come a long way from being just any another sector to being the backbone of Indian Manufacturing Industry.  The bars have always been high. OEM sector has consistently grown over the years and there’s seems no stopping. It has seen a paradigm shift so much that the next hosting ground for 7th ASIAFORGE 2019 is India. That is some achievement, Association of Indian Forging Industry would be immensely proud of organizing such an event in India.

ASIAFORGE is coming to India after a period of 10 years. AIFI had successfully hosted 2nd edition of Asia Forge Meet 2009 in New Delhi. AIFI has decided to host ASIAFORGE 2019 India in Chennai and it will be 4 day event including the plant tours. The date for ASIAFORGE is 18th January 2019 to 22nd January 2019.

ASIAFORGE has seen attendees fleeing across regions to attend the event and every year it has seen a surge in the number of attendees attending the event. It offers a great platform for forging industry professionals to come and interact with experts in the industry and see the latest development and technology in the world of Forging.

You can check more about the event on their website which has briefly mentioned everything about the event –

Event and conferences like ASIAFORGE see major turnout from OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Manufacturing companies represented by executives, purchasers, supervisors, operators etc. It is very unlike of the other events where suppliers and forging companies are given a platform to connect with potential customers.

Asiaforge Meeting Chennai Emerson Forge Pvt. Ltd. India


The theme for this year ASIAFORGE is “Shaping the future of Forging Industry” and the suggested presentations topics are Technological Up-gradation, Light weight Manufacturing, Forging and Environment.

This will open doors for Indian OEM manufacturer. Experienced OEM players like Emerson Forge located in automobile hub of India, who has been in the forefront in adopting new technologies in their manufacturing process. Emerson Forge leaves no stone upturned to when it comes to timely deliverance of quality products. Emerson Forge is also an export oriented unit and has clientele base from India to Europe.

Exhibitions like ASIAFORGE are great for the industry to showcase the forging prowess and latest technology in the field of Forging. Manufacturing units like Emerson Forge offers state-of-the-art Hot, Warm and Cold Forging facilities, and Heat Treatment equipped with Oil, Polymer, Water Quenching facilities and precision machining, to achieve required tolerances as per the customers’ specifications.

Isn’t that one would be looking for from an exhibition. To come and witness companies showcasing their abilities and capabilities. Emerson forge has been achieving and delivering customer satisfaction, it is with that kind of experience, Emerson forge has been able to achieve and be at position where it is today.

Come make a visit to the city of Rajkot, you never know, what you won’t find at an exhibition may be found at Emerson Forge.

You can also follow Emerson Forge twitter account to know what they are up to –

Watch AIFI press briefing on 7th Asiaforge 2019 forging congress –

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