Role of connecting Rod is to connecting two movement parts in a customize assembly or a mechanism, between crank pin and piston. Precision forged customized manufactured and machined Connecting rod is hot and important part of automobile industry, usually used into crankshaft support and prepared with precise heat treatment process with accurate heat hardening and tempering, Lab. accuracy always required for accurate results. Suppliers of Connecting Rods from Rajkot – India used to prefer quality raw materials, proper hammering, and quality lab testing and team work of machining to prepare a perfect OEM component to export. Normally Connecting Rod use into various types of engine or pumps in automotive or any engine segments.

Family of engine assembly including piston ring, bearings (depends on material and size), bushing, conrod, belts, fork and belt, engine cylinder heads its aligner etc. ) randomly. Normally major of automotive manufacturers like BMW, Kawasaki, Kohler, Harley uses precision forged connecting rod for consistency of engine performance. Performance of part depends on process of connecting rods manufacturingWe Emerson Forge Pvt. Ltd. – is well known leading manufacturers and suppliers of automobile components –  connecting rods and connecting link rods from Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

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