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At Emerson Forge, quality assurance is a well-thought of process, with standard operating procedures set in place.

We have established a comprehensive set of in-house quality control facilities in order to examine the products with our own quality assurance plans. We carry out the dimensional inspection as per the forging standards.

Our quality processes start with an in-depth study of the customer needs and throughout the manufacturing process; quality assurance is given paramount importance. Right from the stage of raw material procurement to designing to execution, we have set stringent quality checks to ensure zero defects.

But our penchant for quality doesn’t end with the finished product leaving our premises. Following the principle of Kaizen (constant advancement), we have developed a mechanism of constantly seeking feedback from the clients as well as our own team members, which results in process improvements.

As an ISO 9001: 2015 company we strictly follow the DIN standards.

ISO Certificate Standards Emerson Forge Pvt Ltd

Research & Development

Keeping ourselves abreast with latest technology trends helps us in keeping pace with the changing times and improving our manufacturing process accordingly.

We have created a resource base of highly skilled engineers and well-trained technicians, equipped with top quality tools & equipment for internal learning and improvement. There is a dedicated team for continuous research & development activities.

Continual progression calls for all manufacturers to take a significant, organized approach to value evaluation and the adoption of lean process methodology although allowing latitude for innovative breakthroughs.

In line with this expectation, Emerson strives to determine possibilities for constant improvement and cost declination to be transferred directly to the customer, while raising the value of the entire business relationship. And for this, we are focusing a lot on R&D.

Let's work on your exciting new project together!